Special Reports

REMEMBERING CPSP – Bequeathment Program

Dear Fellow Members of the CPSP Community,

As you may know I have recently been greatly honored by being appointed to serve as CPSP’s first administrator and to continue to serve CPSP as its general counsel.  I thought long and hard before taking on these important duties and responsibilities. What ultimately persuaded me was the opportunity to support the wonderful work CPSP does in the education of our trainees and the inspired work our members do with people at the times in their lives when they are most in need.  For me I cannot think of any work in this world that could be more important.

I therefore hope you will consider joining me in CPSP’s new Bequeathment  Program.  I like many of our CPSP members have mostly grown (depending on your definition!) children.  I of course want to support them to some extent in my wife’s and my estate plans.  We however also want to do something in our wills for the greater good – and for us we can not think of many efforts that support more people in an truly impactful way than the wonderful work done by CPSP and its members.   We have therefore decided to remember CPSP in our wills.  We hope you will join us in helping to assure the continued good works of CPSP by remembering CPSP in your will too.

The process is fairly simple.  In most states if you decide you would like to make a finial bequeath to CPSP you do not have to recreate your entire will.  A simple addition to your will called a “codicil” can be done.  In most states a person can do this with a simple document they create themselves.  You will see more about our Bequeathment Program however if you decide you would like to join us in remembering CPSP in your last will and testament and would like to discuss that possibility please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do for CPSP and those that we serve.


Charles R. Hicks